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The Tao of Skincare - Introduction

This Introduction is excerpted from The Tao of Skincare:


The Chinese philosophy of the Tao is defined as:

“The absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way of code of behavior, that is in HARMONY with the natural order.”

So now you’re asking yourself what does this have to do with skincare? It has everything to do with proper skincare. As a skincare professional for the last 26 years, I have continually witnessed the confusion, suffering, frustration, and incredible amounts of money spent on products that just do not do what is promised. I’m going to share with you here the Tao of easy to understand skincare that delivers results.  Knowledge is power, so if you arm yourself with knowledge you will have the power to choose wisely.

Having problem skin myself, my own frustration is what led me into the skincare field. In the 1980s I moved to Florida and being a California girl my skin was not accustomed to the humidity. Talk about Zits! Talk about problems. I was a mess.  I spent hundreds of dollars at cosmetic counters; I also spent many hours talking to people at these counters driving them crazy. I kept thinking to myself it just can’t be that hard or complicated to fix. Having a dental degree (RDA), and working in a dental office, I knew there was some science behind it all that I was missing out on. I was right!

Then one day Karma smiled on me. I wound up at a counter in Bloomingdales.  What was the difference?  First, the French company whose line I was looking at had a licensed esthetician, a professional, diagnosing the customer’s problem. I paid for yet another facial assuming it would be like all the others, worthless and a waste of money.

What a revelation. There is world of difference between a professional with an education in skin and a line girl that is just there to sell cosmetics. These were not cosmetics, they were cosmeceuticals. This was not a line girl but a licensed professional. European trained. She proceeded to spend over an hour removing the congestion, clogs and bad products from my skin.  My skin was asphyxiated…it had been unable to get any oxygen because of a buildup of a year’s worth of bad products I’d purchased. By trying to buy everything to fix the problem, I had only created more problems. The esthetician recommended of all things a small bottle of oil. Oil? With all these zits? But like a good consumer I bought the oil and took it home. It was a small bottle of ylang ylang oil, which is a natural antibacterial.

Within one week my skin was completely clear. It was finally getting the oxygen it needed and the bacteria were being dissipated.  I was amazed. And I was impressed…so impressed that I began thinking about changing my education. Here was the science that had been missing. Or better put the science and balance.

Twenty-six years later here I am sharing the simple, basic rules of skincare. It’s really not that hard. And it’s not that complicated. The large companies just make it look that way. If they keep everyone confused they can sell more products. And that’s what is good for their bottom line. But not yours.

The science, the secret, is what I like to call “the Tao of skincare.”

The secret is balance!

All problems stem from an imbalance. Once the imbalance is corrected all the problems dissipate! Very direct. Very easy. Very uncomplicated.

In the following pages I’ll share with you the secrets that most trained middle-aged estheticians have known for years.

At SkinWorks, my skincare salon in Southern California, I have a reputation for cutting through all the confusion and just fixing the problem. Being able to diagnose the condition and come up with a proper plan to re-balance the skin is the secret to my success. My wonderful clients think that what I do is magic. After so many years I now work on my original clients’ grown children. It’s not magic though, and I have no magic wand. Only experience. And the correct formula…which is simply balance and oxygen.


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